Deleted confirmation email from DFA – Forgot and Lost DFA appointment code – 2019

I`ve accidentally deleted the confirmation email of my scheduled appointment on DFA and dont remember my appointment code

For some instances that we accidentally deleted the email and you haven’t written it down or saved a copy of the DFA appointment code or the appointment details. You can try to check the trash or bin option in your email. Check if the email is moved to that folder and try to retrieve it back.

This suggestion of my mine is based on my experience, information from people, and from government employees.

Before we go in getting our appointment code, make sure to follow the Guide and Steps for setting up an appointment in the new DFA Passport Appointment System 2019.

Also, if you want to view or re-schedule your appointment. There is an option in the DFA website that allows you to view or re-schedule your confirmed appointment or confirmed schedule, go here View Appointment . But to get the appointment details you need to get and provide the appointment code. Below are the steps you can try in getting the appointment code.

Here are a few things you can to try.


You can try and calling them thru those number.

Again, i have tried this and wasted my money to call a landline. Because there were no payphone around so i had to use my mobile phone loaded it with 200 php and called them. It took me 30 minutes ringing them and no one answered. Maybe there are a lot of calls or we don’t know.


You can try and email them thru those email

I have tried this and it takes forever for them to reply. Honetly, they did not reply at all. So do not make your hopes up.


At the site

I have done this and it is way better to talk to someone who realy works there.

On the day of my scheduled appointment, i went there early. So make sure you are at the site earlier too. Tell them that you are scheduled today and about the situation you’re in. Make sure also that you know any nearest shop where you can check your email and have it printed. If there is, then you don’t need to worry anymore.

The local DFA branch is given a master list of all the applicants that are scheduled on that day. The list contains the Name and Appointment Code.

You will ask the front desk or the information desk about your situation and gently ask her/him the appointment code.

Now, they will not provide it easily, as the code is already provided to us and those information they have is strictly for internal use only.

You can ask a Manager or a Supervisor to ask and have this as a favor.

If your able to have an approval from the upper management, you will be given the code. You can then go to the website to start viewing your appointment and go to the nearest shop where you can print the forms.

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