Best Free Online Courses for Top In-demand Skills in 2019

I have gathered top in-demand skills and provided best free online courses links for you to check. In honesty we look for an in-demand skills to try and learn it, and hopefully apply it for us to land a job.

Well, it is easy to look for an online job opening, you can find it by just googling it. Many companies use online job posting platform today like Upwork. Besides, it is easy to find a job, but to get the job isn’t and in the end it’s all about your skills. You need to have the required set of skills for the specific job. Skills that are proven and honed for several years and the experience you gained from previous employment and training.

Most of the companies tend to look of potential candidate that has the matching skills and experience. So I think, you need to get or have the skills first for you successfully land a job.

Online jobs or Home based jobs

Online jobs or Home based jobs has its perks if you are online professional. Not just you get flexible time, it saves you the trouble of stressful work, gives you more time to yourself and family. Working from home saves you from going to busy traffic, not getting involved in street accidents as you go to work, keeps you safe from robbers and snatchers, and believe me the salary is higher than the regular job you have in a company.

Get your skills ready!

Top and In-Demand Skills in Upwork are;

  1. Hadoop Expertise
  2. Dropbox API Expertise
  3. Genetic algorithms Expertise
    • Genetic Algorithms estimated salary from $100,000 to $170,000 annually – Udemy Online Course
  4. Microbiology Expertise
  5. Computational linguistics Expertise
  6. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Expertise
  7. Digital signal processing Expertise
  8. Intercom Expertise
    • Intercom: Digital Marketing Course: Learn Digital Marketing Automation – Udemy Online Course
  9. Interactive advertising Expertise
  10. Invision Expertise
  11. Employee training Expertise
    • Employee training: e-Learning Ecologies: Innovative Approaches to Teaching and Learning for the Digital Age Financial aid available – Coursera Online Course
  12. Kubernetes Expertise
  13. OAuth Expertise
  14. Autodesk Revit Expertise
  15. App store optimization Expertise
  16. App usability analysis Expertise
  17. Vue.js framework Expertise
  18. Learning Management Solution (LMS) consulting Expertise
    • Learning Management Solution consulting: Learning Management Systems (LMS) Quick Start – Online Course
  19. 3D scanning Expertise
  20. React.js framework Expertise

These skills are high paying jobs at upwork. Some skills may not be familiar to us so you might need to get some of the information of it from google.

Another list of mine are common skills but still a high paying job and websites that offers that course.

Top Skills are (source Several Websites and Google)

I know it’s very tedious to do online courses, but believe me, online courses are much cheaper than a going to a physical university and more accessible and convenient too. You can learn at home, learn anytime and anywhere.

Some of the courses are free and most of them are paid. Why choose paid online courses?

  1. You get a certificate of completion ( This can be used as proof )
  2. Learn from the Experts ( Eventually, your teacher becomes your mentor )
  3. Resources ( Everything is in one place so it’s easy to access )
  4. Community ( A group of learners that can help answer your questions )

Education is not for free, for what I believe.

A famous quote from Benjamin Franklin

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

Don’t expect to master everything right away. Learning new skills takes time, learn at your own pace.

Please click the links provided, to help me go on and provide quality articles.

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