Start e loading business using Paymaya Facebook Messenger in free data from Globe

How to start a eloading business in 2019?

Eloading business is a fast and easy way to earn extra money. You don’t need much capital to start the business, and the market for pre-paid load will only continue to grow even further.

There are a lot of companies that offer all network loading business but does not have good commission rate. Some all network reloading companies requires you to have an internet connection for you to be able to sell. Some requires your personal mobile load to send codes to certain number to process the sale.

Yeah, as you’ve read, there are no good all network loading platform nowadays.

Now I have come up with this before, and I think this is the best way to earn extra cash. This company provides you a instant all network loading business in just a few minutes of setting up your account. I want to introduce to you the Pay Maya loading platform using Facebook messenger as your menu.

Pay Maya provides whooping 5% on every eload sale, plus promotions and raffle entries and other wonderful services that Pay Maya only offers.

Many of us use Facebook free data from Globe, I am too is using free data. Free data from globe provides users easy access to Facebook social accounts and message your friends and family thru messenger. You will be able to send photos, videos and text or messages but this feature restricts you to see or view photos and videos. I will provide a guide and steps in setting up your loading business. Don’t worry, this is very easy.

Steps and Guide to setup Paymaya Account in Facebook Messenger

Things you need to have:

Phone (Of course)

Internet Connection (For now)

Step 1

Open Facebook Messenger. In the search bar, search for “ Paymaya “ and tap “Get Started” button.

Step 2

Payamaya Messenger is a bot that automatically responds to every button you click.

Now there is a button “Start an account” tap it.

Step 3

You will be redirected to in-app web page.

This is the registration page. Fill out all the fields honestly and properly. Then tap “Continue”.

Step 4

It’s not that long so please read carefully the Terms & Conditon of using the service.

Then tap “Agree”.

Step 5

Now you will need to verify the mobile number you entered. You will receive a text message from Paymaya containing the code, then tap “Proceed”.

Step 6

After the system successfully verified the account. Paymaya Facebook Messenger app will ask for authorization. Scroll down and check, then tap “Allow”.

Done! You will receive a confirmation message from the bot. It looks something like this.

Now that you have successfully created a PayMaya account and also successfully linked your Paymaya account to facebook messenger. We will now proceed on how to send a load or buy load.

But first, you need to deposit or add funds to your account.

Steps and Guide in Adding Fund to Paymaya Account

Add money using Paymaya Facebook Messenger

Step 1

Tap “Deposit Cash” to start.

Step 2

Here is some of the accredited payment or add funds center. Choose the nearest in your area.

Let’s try choosing “7-Eleven” to add money. The option will look like this and choose the amount you want to add.

Step 3

You will be given a code. You use that code to verify the add money option. For 7 eleven, tell the cashier on how to pay using CLiQQ kiosk.

Add money using Paymaya Application

Step 1

Open Paymaya app.

Tap “Add Money”

Step 2

You will be given all the list of authorized add money centers.

For now, we will choose “7-eleven”. Put the amount you want to add and tap “Continue”

Step 3

You will be given a code, you use this code in adding money. Just go directly to the cashier and present this code.

After you successfully pay in payment centers. You will receive a text message from Paymaya confirming the transaction of your payment and that the money is now added to your account.

Now that we have successfully created your account and added money to your account. We now move on to your eloading business. Yeheeeey! hahaha

Steps and Guide to Buy Load for yourself and Send Load to Different Number

Step 1

In your Paymaya Facebook Messenger, you have a list of option where you can slide left and right. Tap “Buy Load” to start buying load for your customers.

Step 2

The bot will provide you two option, you can either select my number or Different Number. “My number” automatically nominates your mobile or alternatively select “Different Number”.

In your Paymaya Facebook Messenger, you have a list of option where you can slide left and right. Tap “Buy Load” to start buying load for your customers.

Step 3

You will be asked for the number you wanted to send load. Then tap “Next”.

Step 4

You will be shown a list of available load and promotions. Select which load would you like to buy. The price is automatically deducted by 5% of the amount.

Step 5

You will be prompted to put your facebook password. Then tap “Continue”

Yepeeee! Yehey! Now you have successfully loaded your first customer.

The best of luck in your business.

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