Tower of God and Noblesse’s Anime Adaptation

Anime fans such always look forward to an anime adaptation of a manga, manhua or manhwa that we like. I can’t contain myself as I heard that these manhwas are getting an anime adaptation. Before, you just rely on your imagination when it comes to fighting scenes when reading a manhwa and now, we are finally seeing it in action.

This news broke out when anime fans at Seoul Comic Con heard the announcement that the manhwa Tower of God and Noblesse will be getting an anime adaptation from a Japanese anime studio.

A post from @YonkouProd on Twitter. This post got viral and went all over social media.

I have also read somewhere that Production I.G. a Japanese Anime Studio the makers of Attack on Titan and Kuroko Basketball will be making the adaptation. But, this is just a rumor, even so, Japanese animators are known to be the best animators in the world. So rest assured that this adaptation will give us the best satisfaction ever.

The manhwa Noblesse had an OVA before, one from a Korean Studio – Studio Animal in the year 2015 and the other one is from Japanese Studio – Production I.G in the year 2016.

The Beginning (Studio Animal)

The Awakening (Production I.G)

Tower of God, on the other hand, is also popular, sharing the crown with Noblesse. Tower of God has already received 2 game adaptation so far and soon an anime adaptation. I have seen a clip of tower of god animation, I think that this is a game animation created from china.

Not much news has been released after the announcement. Make sure to subscribe to get updated as I will post an update regarding the anime adaptation soon.

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