Eggnoid Webtoon Movie Adaptation

Eggnoid: Love & Time Portal (2019) Movie

Eggnoid is one of the most read love story manhwa in Webtoons. It is also in my list of Best Manhwa To Read In 2019. Watching movies and reading books and comics makes you believe and have a perspective towards reality. It also makes you relate in things that happened and the experiences you have. Now that Eggnoid one of the comics we love have a live action movie, it makes you relate more into the story and into the characters. Isn’t it exciting?!

Eggnoid: Love & Time Portal (2019)
Eggnoid: Love & Time Portal (2019)

It is an Indonesian movie adaptation of the famous love story manhwa in webtoons, Eggnoid. Directed by Naya Anindita with the writers Indriani Agustina, Naya Anindita, our very own Archie The RedCat the manhwa creator, Yemima Krisantina, and Nurita Anandia W. With their beautiful character actors, Sheila Dara Aisha as Ran and Morgan Oey as Eggy.


Eggnoid is a human who comes out from Eggnoid eggs. He’s been assigned to look after and be a friend when a human feels lonely.

Eggnoid: Love & Time Portal (2019) Official Trailer
Movie ReleaseDecember 5, 2019
SubtitlesYes (Soon)
GenresDrama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi
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